Electronic signatures

With EduSign you can easily sign documents digitally. You identify yourself with your KI ID.

Sign documents and validate a signature

You need a valid KI ID to use EduSign. The service is web-based, which means that you do not need to install a program on your computer.

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Instructions: signing documents and validating a signature.

Questions and answers about e-signatures

What types of documents can I sign?

You can sign PDF or XML documents no larger than 5MB.

What applies when printing my digitally signed document?

The document is and remains valid even though it is printed. However, it is more difficult to prove that the signature is genuine when the document has been printed. Therefore, preferably store digitally signed documents digitally.

Can I identify myself with something other than a KI ID, such as mobile BankID?

No. At present, only a valid KI ID serves as an identification method.

Why e-signatures?

Using e-signatures facilitates working remotely, reduces paper handling and paper consumption, and shortens processing times.


For more questions about EduSign, contact it-support@ki.se.