Electronic signatures with Scrive

The Scrive service allows KI users and external counterparts to sign documents online in a quick and easy way using Bank ID.


With Scrive, you can send, sign and manage documents on any device. Scrive can be used if, for example, you need signing by external parties who do not have access to eduSign through Sunet.

Scrive supports electronic IDs from the Nordic region; in Sweden, Bank-ID and Freja eID are supported.

Ordering the service

If you want to use the service, order your licence through Wisum.


The service costs SEK 300 per month per user and includes 50 transactions - that is, for example, Bank ID signing, Bank ID checks of documents, and SMS.

A transaction refers to a signature by one person - if four people are to sign a joint document, this counts as four transactions.

Additional transactions beyond the included 50 cost SEK 2 per transaction are charged retrospectively by the IT Office.

If you need to sign documents on your own or with colleagues, you should use EduSign, which is free for you as a KI employee.

Log in to use Scrive

Log in here once you have ordered the service and been confirmed as a user.

  • Select LOG IN WITH SSO
  • Enter your email address and select LOG IN

Contact in case of issues

If you have questions about ordering the service or facing problems with the logging on to Scrive, please contact Helpdesk.

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