Eligibility and selection for doctoral courses

Doctoral courses at Karolinska Institutet (KI) are open for doctoral students at all universities and colleges as well as KI post docs. If space allows, other applicants may also be accepted. When a course has specific entry requirements, this must be stated in the syllabus. Otherwise the general selection criteria apply.

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Selection criteria for courses at doctoral level

A selection procedure has to be performed if there are more applicants than places available. How this selection is performed must be transparent for the applicants.

Generally the following priority is applicable when the course is funded by KI:

1. Doctoral students admitted to doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet

Doctoral students in formal collaborative agreements on doctoral education, that is partnerships on doctoral level with KI, are classed in the same category as doctoral students admitted to doctoral education at KI. Links below point to the KI-cooperation programs.

​2. Post docs at KI
3. ​Doctoral students from other universities
4. Other applicants

Within the above categories selection is performed according to the criteria stated for each course in the course catalogue.

Applicants within the category "other applicants" may be offered a reserve position, in anticipation of more applicants that result in compensation for the course provider (normally categories 1-3).

For most general science courses, registration date as doctoral student is a selection criterion, but please see each course occasion for correct information. Please note: If the registration date as a doctoral student is incorrect in your personal profile, the application becomes invalid.


Anna Gustafsson

Administrative officer

Erika Franzén

Chair of the Course and programme committee

Emilie Agardh

Vice chair of the Course and programme committee

Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg

Central director of studies