House Rules - Health Promotion Facilities

Our code of conduct is based on safety, respectfulness and responsibility.

In our premises you are expected to

  • comply with our house rules and the Code of Conduct of KI
  • take responsibility for equipment, facilities and each other 
  • practice safely and ask for help if needed
  • be completely free of alcohol, drugs and doping and refrain from using supplements marketed under the headings of performance-enhancing, fat-burning or muscle-increasing as they may contain doping-classified substances that are illegal under the Doping Act 1§d

We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour, theft or vandalism - this may result in you being suspended from the facility. In case of suspicion of violation of the Doping Act, the police will be informed. 

Health Promotion classes, events and other planned activities with coach/leader always have priority over spaces. Please check the schedule before arrival!

House Rules


  • Only KI students & employees have access to the gym. Children are not allowed in the gym.
  • You should be able to show your KI card on request by Health Promotion staff and KI security guard.
  • Know and comply with the health & safety requirements at KI. Make sure you have located fire extinguisher, emergency exists and AED.
  • Keep emergency exits clear.
  • Safe and proper use of equipment is required at all times. If you are unsure - ask for help. 
  • Comply with rules & guidance set forth for the particular activity or class. 
  • Report any damaged equipment to the Health Promotion Staff immediately. 


  • Wear appropriate clothing. No surgical scrubs or lab coats in the gym!
  • Practice good hygiene. Keep yourself and your clothes clean.
  • Avoid strong scents.
  • Put outdoor shoes on the shelf. 
  • Be respectful towards other users of the gym. 


  • We are not responsible for any personal belongings.
  • Put equipment & weights back to their correct storage after use. 
  • Use equipment appropriately. If you are unsure, please ask our instructors.
  • Wipe mats & equipment after use. 
  • No food or beverages in cans or single use plastic containers are allowed in the gym. 
  • Put waste in the waste sorting bins.  

Rules for specific areas in the gym

Lifting area

  • Check the barbell holder (popper pin) on the squat rack.
  • Keep bags, straps, belts, boxes, water bottles off the platform at all times.
  • ​Maintain control of your weights at all times. Drop only as a last resort. No dropping of weights before 5 pm (Base).
  • ​Always workout at your own fitness level. Ask our instructors for assistance if necessary.
  • Use block chalk. Liquid chalk is not allowed. 
  • Return all equipment and weight plates to proper location.
  • Wipe equipment after use. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Room "Space" (Base)

  • Use shoes with non-marking soles.
  • Only sand bags and balls are allowed. No barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells.

Ball court "Play" in Solna

  • Use shoes with non-marking soles.

Yoga/dance room "Mind"

  • No weights or shoes with sharp heels allowed.

When you use the premises of Friskvården for exercise, it counts as leisure time and not working time. You must therefore ensure that you have private accident insurance.