Important when applying for doctoral courses

During the autumn semester 2019 we were experiencing some performance issues with KIWAS, the system for doctoral courses and the course catalogue. To avoid that this happens again we have made some changes, but we also ask you who apply for courses to be extra alert when submitting your application. Please also note the changed procedure for notifying an admission offer.

Keep the following in mind when applying for courses:

Before you apply

Always review your personal profile, if you have created one before. If anything has changed, e g if you have been admitted to doctoral education or have become a postdoc at KI, update your profile. This information forms the basis for eligibility and selection and must be accurate for your application to be valid.

If you have a KI account, this is the one to use for login, otherwise with the account you have created:


Once you have submitted a course application via KIWAS, immediately check that the course is listed under My courses. You should also have received a confirmation email from to the email address you provided in your personal profile.

If your application has not been registered, resubmit your application. If you have further technical problems, contact IT support via or 08-524 822 22.


Upon admission, you will receive an admission email from the current course provider (not as before from with an attached supervisor certificate.

You reply to the admission offer in due time:
1) By logging in via and replying under My courses.
2) By returning the supervisor certificate.

If signing the supervisor certificate is not possible due to the current corona virus situation, this can be solved by attaching a confirming email from the supervisor. Then keep in mind that the the form should still be completed and the course and course dates should be indicated in the supervisor’s approval.