Important when applying for doctoral courses

If you have applied for KI’s doctoral courses before and thus have a personal profile in the system, always check your information before a new application is made. We also ask you who are applying for courses to pay extra attention when submitting your application, to make sure that it has been registered. Always double check this.

Keep the following in mind when applying for doctoral courses:

Before you apply

Always review your personal profile, if you have created one before. If anything has changed since your latest application, e g if you have been admitted to doctoral education or have become a postdoc at KI, remember to update your profile. This information forms the basis for eligibility and selection and must be accurate for your application to be valid.

If you have a KI account (with a KI ID), this is the one to use for login, otherwise with the account you have created (or that you now create as a new user):

Please note that it is required that you are either a doctoral student or have a PhD degree to be eligible for admittance to our doctoral courses.

Do you have an ongoing application for doctoral education?

You are considered a doctoral student only when you have received a decision on admission to doctoral education from the department in question.

If you are waiting for such a decision and want to apply for courses for the coming semester, you apply as belonging to the applicant category "other applicants". In your motivation for the course applied for, you can describe where you are in the process.

However, the course provider cannot admit you to the course until you have been admitted to doctoral education and thus are also eligible to be admitted to courses. It is therefore important that you update your personal profile in KIWAS as soon as you have been notified of admission to doctoral education. If this happens after the course catalogue has closed, it is also important that you notify the course provider via e-mail at the same time.


Once you have submitted a course application via KIWAS, immediately check that the course is listed under My courses. You should also have received a confirmation email from to the email address you provided in your personal profile.

If your application has not been registered, resubmit your application. If you have further technical problems, contact the IT support via their selfservice portal. If you don't have a KI account (with a KI ID), please use the email address


Upon admission, you will receive an admission email from the course provider with an attached supervisor certificate.

You reply to the admission offer in due time:
1) By logging in via and replying under My courses.
2) By returning the supervisor certificate.

If signing the supervisor certificate manually is not possible, this can be solved by attaching a confirming email from the supervisor. In that case keep in mind that the the form should still be completed, and the course and course dates should be stated in the supervisor’s approval email. Another option is for the supervisor to use EduSign for an electronic signature.

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