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Internship projects for PhD students

This program is open to PhD students employed at KI and enrolled in the doctoral course Career skills for scientists (2463). Career Service offers up to 20 internship positions (1 month with a financed salary) at a company or organization within both private and public sector.

To be eligible to apply you also need to provide us with a signed confirmation letter from supervisor/HR. The candidate also needs to have passed the examination in the course Career skills for scientists (2463).

In short, the organizations provide us with a project proposal and attend the company mingle arranged by KI Career Service.

All PhD students can apply for up to 3 companies/projects. The organizations proceed with interviewing the candidates and make a final selection. Career Service announce the selection of candidates to the applicants.

Application process

  1. To be eligible to apply your supervisor and HR at the department need to be informed and sign the confirmation document. Save the document with your NAME: Firstname-Surname_Confirmation.pdf
  2. Tailor your CV(s) and Cover Letter(s) for the internship(s) you want to apply for (max 3). Save them with your NAME. Firstname-Surname_CV_Company.pdf and Firstname-Surname_Cover-Letter_Company.pdf
  3. Apply here (link to instructions and KI Collaboration portal) before the deadline. Late application will not be considered, and we advise to apply well in advance.

User manual for applicants (pdf). If you encounter problems please email

Q & A for applicants

Q: Can I apply without a confirmation letter?
A: No. Career service need to know that your supervisor agree on you spending time on the internship project.

Q: My supervisor is away traveling and cannot sign the confirmation letter this week. What should I do?
A: Ask the supervisor to confirm that he/she supports your application in an email to Also ask the HR to sign the confirmation letter regarding your contract situation. When supervisor is back you send us the final version, with all signatures.

Q: I will defend my thesis before the potential internship starts. Can I apply for the internship projects anyway?
A: Yes, if your supervisor sign the confirmation letter and also thick the box “If selected for an internship, the contract/stipend will be extended”

Q: Should I send my internship application directly to the company?
A: No. You need to apply through the application system and KI Career service will check that you are eligible to participate in the internship program.

Q: Does the current system mean that we can apply up to three internship, without showing first, second and third choice at the current stage?
A: That is correct. If you are selected as top candidate by more than one company, Career Service will contact you and ask which one you rank first.

Q: When will the selection be finished?
A: The process is usually finalized within four weeks after application deadline. You will get the information from Career service.

Q: Will my supervisor get reimbursed for all costs, including also INDI?
A: Yes.

Q: How will my supervisor get reimbursed?
A: Your department admin (usually HR staff) fill in the form found on this page and send it to Career Service.

Q: I took the course in recent years but wasn’t selected for an internship. Can I apply again?
A: Yes. If your supervisor agree and sign the confirmation letter.

Q: I have found an internship on my own. Can I get reimbursed from Career Service?
A: No.

Q: I have an internship suggestion for a new company that would be of interest to many PhD students. What should I do?
A: You can suggest a company to Career Service and we reach out to ask if they are interested in collaborating with KI.

Q: When will the next round of internship projects be advertised?
A: In March 2019.

Companies and organisations - 2019

  • ABG Sundal Collier
  • Combigene
  • Vetenskap o Allmänhet
  • Cartana
  • Synergus
  • Sprint Bioscience
  • The Swedish Research Council
  • Swedish Armed Forces
  • Bayer
  • ElitOrtopedi
  • Oriflame
  • Mabtech
  • Notch Communications
  • BMS
  • Dfind


Ayla De Paepe

Career program manager supporting PhD students