Postal address: K7 Onkologi-Patologi, K7 Forskning Helleday, 171 77 Stockholm



Ingrid Almlöf research engineer
Christina Chalkiadaki Affiliated to research
Helge Gad principal researcher
Emilio Guillen Mancina Postdoctoral studies
James Haslam PhD student
Thomas Helleday professor
Martin Henriksson research engineer
Evert Homan senior research specialist
Ann-Sofie Jemth principal researcher
Christina Kalderén Affiliated to research
Mari Kullman Magnusson laboratory coordinator
Maeve Long Research Specialist
Theodora Manolakou Postdoctoral studies
Petra Marttila PhD student
Maurice Michel assistant professor
Oliver Mortusewicz principal researcher
Carina Norström research engineer
Therese Pham research engineer
Athina Pliakou research coordinator
Kumar Sanjiv principal researcher
Niklas Schultz principal researcher
Martin Scobie research engineer
Jianyu Shen PhD Student
Ana Slipicevic project manager
William Stafford Affiliated to research
Roger Tell Affiliated to research
Viktoriia Tsuber Research Specialist
Olov Wallner research engineer
Ulrika Berglund Affiliated to research
Elisee Wiita research engineer