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Postal address: H5 Laboratoriemedicin, H5 Klin Fysiologi, 171 77 Stockholm



Ola Eiken Affiliated to research
Martin Anderson Other
Johan Boström PhD student
Seher Alam PhD student
Mirko Mandic´ PhD student
Miguel Quintana Affiliated to research
Alen Lovric research assistant
Mikaela Qvarfordt Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Gerald Cooray
Barbara Norman Affiliated to research
Mats Lilja PhD student
Anna Strömberg Affiliated to research
Eva Jansson Other
Tomas Jogestrand Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Helene Rundqvist senior researcher
Anders Nygren adjunct lecturer
Helena Wallin
Sandra Tafvizian adjunct lecturer
Shang Askari lecturer, adjunct
Brun Ulfhake professor, senior
Karl Olsson PhD student
Kim Dung Dang Other
Eric Rullman
Helene Fischer senior researcher
Karin Bouma lecturer
Thomas Gustafsson professor/senior physician
Mona Esbjörnsson senior researcher
Moa Thorin department administrator
Maria Westerståhl lecturer senior
Anna Wiik lecturer
Håkan Rundqvist education coordinator
Mikael Altun senior researcher
Amarjit Saini assistant professor
Tommy Lundberg lecturer
Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo assistant professor
Viktoria Skott Other
Lena Persson lecturer
Diogo Fiuza Sanches Affiliated to teaching/tutoring