Delegation rules for Karolinska Institutet

Decision-making procedures and delegation rules for Karolinska Institutet.

The President's decision-making procedures and delegation rules (will be available in English within av few weeks and the obsolet document will be withdrawn on Nov 1st). 

Instructions for delegating roles and tasks in a department or the equivalent (will be available in English within a few weeks but the current document will be available until replaced).

The information on this page is currently being updated. More complete information can be found on the Organisation and Management pages.

Delegation forms and role descriptions

The Decision and Delegation Procedure for Karolinska Institutet states that the head of department (or equivalent function) has overall responsibility for all departmental activities (or those at a corresponding organizational unit). The head of department is authorized, in accordance with the instructions in "Delegation at the department or equivalent", delegate responsibility.

Generic delegation form

4.1 Delegation of work environment tasks

4.2 Biosafety representative

4.3 Fire safety representative

4.3.1 Fire safety monitor

4.4 Flammable goods representative

4.4.1 Flammable goods monitor

4.5 Information security representative

4.6 Chemicals representative

4.6.1. Chemical inventory taker

4.7 Environmental and sustainability representative

4.8 Radiation safety representative (only Swedish)

4.8.1. Radiation safety assistant

4.10 Export control representative


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