Department Council at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Each department at Karolinska Institutet must, according to the Vice-Presicent's decision, have a department council. The council functions as a forum for dialogue and anchoring of the department management's decisions. The department council is chaired by the Head of Department.

The department council at FyFa consists of different staff categories such as administrators, researchers, teachers and students. The department council is an advisory forum that deals with current issues of a department-wide nature. The council meets approximately one to two times per semester.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any of the council members. The members are selected representatives in various roles.


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Sophie Erhardt


Head of Administration

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Eva Palmer

Head of Unit


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Erik Norberg

Principal Researcher
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Duarte Ferreira

Assistant Professor
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Ellinor Kenne

Assistant Senior Lecturer

Doctoral students

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Eva Berenger

Phd Student

Postdoctoral researchers

Funda Orhan

Assistant Professor

Sonia Youhanna

Affiliated to Research
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Carina Nihlen

Laboratory Assistent

Anesthesiology and intensive care

Jessica Kåhlin

Affiliated to Research


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Sofia Pettersson

Education Officer

Convener/minutes keeper

Union representatives

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Helin Norberg

Principal Researcher
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Elizabeth Valenzuela

Technical Assistant

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