Inner Sustainability

In KI strategy 2030, sustainability is well emphasized on several levels: environmentally, globally, socially and in working life. And while the concept of sustainability is old, well known and practiced amongst indigenous people all over the world, integrating it in academia is innovative and wise.

chestnuts piled on one another.
Harmony. Mindfulness. Foto: Devanath,Pixabay

We live in a time when the awareness about planetary sustainability is higher, as well as more pressing than ever. But in order to effectively achieve the necessary change and sincere effort, some argue that to realize any form of outer sustainability, we need to start with our inner sustainability. Perhaps this is true also when promoting organizational sustainability, emotional well-being and the sought-after we-feeling at KI.

As doctoral students at one of the top universities In the world, we are in a rather privileged situation compared to other parts of the world. Our intellectual environment, relative economic safety and education is world class. Still, it is important to continue guarding the interests and enhancing the working environment for PhD-students at KI, as some areas can be improved further, such as mental health, managing stress, and emotional and spiritual well-being.

To see the whole person and all persons is emphasized in the KI vision as well as in Strategy 2030, and in our local work with promoting the health for doctoral student, we at NVS Doctoral Council have chosen an extra focus on the inner sustainability in order to highlight the potential of inner worlds when it comes to inspiration, mental-, emotional- and spiritual health, insights, focus and problem-solving. We believe that an increased awareness of inner sustainability has the prospective of not only enhancing personal well-being but academic outcome/performance as well, helping us to a state of inner balance and wisdom, important when making decisions, and choosing directions.

That's why we are now organising an "Inner Sustainability Week" in May for the second year in a row (17-21). It would be a delight to see and welcome you in the digital (and outdoor) space in May. Take a look at the range below.