Health at OnkPat

Here you can read about how we work with health at the department of Oncology-Pathology.

Karolinska Institutet is a health university and at the department of Oncology-Pathology there are 3 health ambassadors: Ann-Charlotte Redebo, Josefin Bergström and Paula Mannström. Their task is to spread information from KI health promotion and promote other activities at the department. Link to KI health hub.


Pepatwork April 16-May 14. Join OnkPat´s team, just contact

Soon it's time for a new round of the pepatwork exercise challenge.

By helping each other, we also help ourselves to develop good exercise habits.

We work in teams and encourage each other with encouraging comments, photos and videos. Provides increased well-being and a great sense of community. 

Everyone exercises how they want, when they want and based on their own level. See the rules in the menu.

If you want to compete, the following 3 categories apply; 

  • Number of sessions per week
  • Best pep
  • Biggest group improvement 

Previous activities

Mobile gym – KI mobile gym in BioClinicum. Take an active break between your meetings or incubation times to do some short workout! There are options for dead lifts, resistance band training, rowing machine exercise and much more. If you need instruction, ask Paula Mannström.

Not in BioClinicum? You can apply to have the mobile gym to your work place as well. Contact the Health ambassadors if you are interested. 

Wellness allowance raised to SEK 3, 000 per year! All employees of Karolinska Institutet will be entitled to a higher wellness allowance. The wellness allowance is a tax-free grant that staff can use for different kinds of exercise and is set to be increased from SEK 1,500 to SEK 3,000 per year. Link to news article.

OnkPat Health Bingo 2023