Operational plan for the unit Administrative Support

This is the operational plan for the unit Administrative Support 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

  • To support KI’s Professional Services' management and managers in the fields of HR, finances and premises (furnishings/interiors).
  • To proactively support managers and help them comply with the regulations and follow procedures regarding recruitment, salary determination and revision, health and safety, rehabilitation, collaboration and legislation (e.g. the Employment Protection Act, Co-determination in the Workplace Act).
  • To ensure that Professional Services, as part of KI, meet the requirements and demands placed on a public authority.
  • To proactively ensure that Professional Services apply uniform methods and procedures within the functional responsibilities of Professional Services.
  • The reorganisation of Professional Services (PS, formerly Central Administration).
  • To drive the development of reinforced security with the relevant offices.
  • To investigate the setting up of a development office under PS.
  • To promote greater transparency regarding the financial process within the digitisation portfolio.
  • To ensure the efficient utilisation of premises in PS (change management).
  • To develop PS monitoring in the financial field (support and analyses).
  • To clarify contact pathways for PS managers and staff.
  • To review the introduction package for PS managers.
  • Premises-use efficiency  
  • Reorganisation, PS
  • Development office

Within PS:

  • Premises and interiors 
  • Recruitment
  • Salary determination/revision
  • Health & Safety
  • Rehabilitation/occupational healthcare
  • Collaboration
  • Budget and financial planning 
  • Monitoring and analyses
  • Financial reports
  • President’s Fund
  • INDI (Central Administration + University Management)
  • Preparation of internal decisions 

7 of which 1 vacancy

SEK 8,797,000