Operational planning and follow-up

The process for operational planning and follow-up is based on KI's (Karolinska Institutet's) vision and aims to ensure that the organisation progresses in the desired direction. It is also intended to provide a clear overview of the various requirements, objectives and opportunities generated by existing processes within Karolinska Institutet (KI). By coordinating and formulating joint initiatives, we create an ability to reach strategic decisions at all organisational levels.

The process is reviewed

Starting in 2024, the process for operational planning and follow-up is reviewed within the scope of the mission 'B3. A common control, planning, and follow-up process for operations' which is linked to KI's strategic focus areas.

Our mission

The mission of Karolinska Institutet (KI) is to provide education based on scientific evidence and proven experience, as well as to conduct research and development work. The mission also includes collaborating with the surrounding society for mutual exchange and ensuring that the knowledge and expertise at the university benefit society.

Operations should be conducted efficiently, in accordance with the law and the obligations resulting from Sweden's membership in the European Union, have reliable and fair accounting, and manage state funds well.

Strategic focus areas to achieve KI's vision

Broad collaboration and constructive dialogues between the university management and students, staff, and managers in KI's operations have resulted in nine strategic focus areas. They focus on what KI needs in the short term to develop and fulfill our vision. Work is now underway to concretize each focus area. Developing a common control, planning, and follow-up process for operations is one of the missions within the scope of this work.

Operational plan for Professional Services 2024

The departments of the Professional Services, the University Library (KIB) and the units Teaching and Learning (UoL) and Medicine, History and Cultural Heritage (MHK) are the first to test a new model for operational planning in 2024:

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