Operational plan for the University Library

This is the operational plan for the University Library 2024.

The remit of KI’s University Library (KIB) is to give the university the best possible grounding to conduct world-class research and education, based on KI’s overarching goals and values. To this end, the library: 

  • has responsibility for the provision of scientific information and promotes open publication
  • helps to ensure that the research conducted at KI is transparent and permanently accessible
  • supports scientific communication
  • actively promotes greater information skills: the ability to search for, evaluate and use information
  • fosters meetings across subject and organisational boundaries.

The library also has responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Swedish Library Act and representing KI in issues relating to national cooperation among libraries.

  • The University Library strengthens KI’s ability to evaluate scientific information in a rapidly changing world.
  • The University Libraryis prepared to take a broad approach to open science in line with the new national guidelines.
  • The University Library guarantees a stable, accessible infrastructure for scientific results.
  • RIMS
  • The hybrid workplace
  • KI Data Repository
  • Bibliometrics
  • Image production
  • Physical and digital library environments
  • IT support for digital examinations
  • IT support for students
  • The University Library Data Access Unit
  • Communication (to the rest of KI about the library’s services)
  • Publication support
  • Searches 
  • Language workshop
  • Procuring and making accessible scientific information
  • System development and method support
  • Skills training in media and information

Divided into clusters containing multiple systems. The model looks like this:

  • Strategic publication
    • OA searches
    • Analysis platform 
    • OA data
  • Infrastructure for research information
    • The Bibliometrics system
    • KI Open Archive (ISBN, electronic legal deposit)
  • Support systems for teaching and supervision
    • Iteach
    • Booking
    • Swedish MeSH
  • Communication
    • Support system for internal communication
    • Support system for external communication
    • NSP case management
  • User support
    • Alma/Primo (library catalogue)
    • Document provision (FLB)
  • Authentication
    • Support system for authentication and identity management
    • Orcid
  • Face of AIDS


  • User-support and pedagogical activities
  • Infrastructure for scientific information
  • Administration

SEK 131,000,000