Operational plan for the Medical History and Heritage unit

This is the operational plan for the Medical History and Heritage unit 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The Medical History and Heritage unit (MHK) is a university-wide office tasked with safeguarding, developing and promulgating knowledge about KI’s medical and scientific heritage. The office has responsibility for curating and making accessible KI’s historical collections, which comprise books (approx. 100,000 printed between 1480 and c. 1990), journals, manuscripts, artworks, images and objects.

The office also includes the Hagströmer Library, which is a museum as well as a resource for medical and scientific history research. 

  • To prepare the relocation to Campus Solna, including business development
  • Digitisation:
    1. Axiell, a new catalogue system for cultural heritage collections 
      • Staff training
      • Stage 1 implementation 
    2. To publish a database of the anatomical collection
  • Relocating to Campus Solna, business development
  • Digitisation: Implement new catalogue system and publish history of medicine and KI
  • To curate collections: security, cataloguing, care of objects, collection, organisation
  • To make collections accessible to researchers, students, artists, journalists, etc; loans to museums and libraries
  • Knowledge development on the history of KI in relation to local, national and global medical and scientific history (LIME; visiting researcher programme)
  • Promulgate knowledge about medical history and the history and cultural heritage of KI: tours,  lectures, exhibitions, events (aimed at external + internal groups)
  • Interact with KI’s departments and operational units and external businesses and the general public (lectures, tours, exhibitions, publications, consultancy, knowledge promulgation).

Alvin, Axiell, Public Art Agency Sweden’s database


  • Hagströmer Library
  • Research and objects

SEK 15,000,000