Operational plan for the Facilities Offices

This is the operational plan for the Facilities Offices 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The Facilities Office (FO) has responsibility for the provision of premises at KI, security, fire safety and radiation protection, as well as postal services, surveillance, premises bookings, lecture hall services and reception. The office also assists in the design and layout of the physical work environment and public spaces and manages short-term accommodation rental for students and visiting researchers. 

Premises efficiency

  • To start the project to develop office plans for Central Administration and the change process concerning work methods, and to produce programme documents for new premises designs in 2024 (the project is expected to continue after 2024).
  • To initiate the planning and the work to clear out ANA10 and transfer activities so that the building can be vacated in 2026.
  • To continue the process to introduce booking time slots. 

Increased security

  • To complete the crisis plan, replace access control systems and introduce tighter security procedures.
  • To conduct risk and vulnerability analyses and complete the protective security analysis.

Better internal procedures and processes for FO

  • To develop the project process concerning adaptations to tenants’ needs.

Rentals for short-term accommodation 

  • To continue developing and streamlining the business.
  • Office development UA/PS
  • Leave ANA10
  • Improved physical security
  • Protective security analysis
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Development of premises booking processes/increased utilisation of bookable premises
  • Provision of premises
  • Housing
  • Service/soft facility management
  • Physical security
  • Lab safety
  • Crisis management

Property and security


  • Service
  • Provision of Premises
  • Security
  • Office: SEK 138 615,000
  • University Investments (UI): SEK 1,073 million
  • Project budget, day-to-day