Operational plan for the Human Resources Office

This is the operational plan for the Human Resources Office 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The HR Office provides strategic and operational support for the university management and core activities and supports, advises, instructs and standardises in such fields as employer policy, health and safety, skills supply and payroll management. The office also has responsibility for local collective agreements, staff pensions and insurances, and university-wide skills development for managers.

  • Needs, dimensioning and skills supply.
  • To review the teacher recruitment process.
  • Manager training in dialogue-based methods at all levels.
  • To streamline, digitise and quality assure HR to better support core activities.
  • To develop and systemise health and safety activities.
  • The reorganisation of the HR office and clarification of responsibilities and work methods.
  • Pre- and onboarding
  • Review of positions
  • Review of the processes for progress reviews, salary revisions and secondary employment.

Overall responsibility for employer policy and payroll management (including insurances, pensions and taxes), for the running of two gyms, operational support for the Work Environment, Recruitment and  Docent committees.

HR objects (Primula, Varbi, HR archive, HR-puls, Wondr)


  • Academic Appointments
  • Competence Provision
  • Labour Law and Work Environment
  • Payroll and Controlling


SEK 61,782,000