Operational plan for the Research Support Office

This is the operational plan for the Research Support Office 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The Research Support Office (RSO) is for researchers and has responsibility for support as regards internal/external financing, corporate collaborations, ethical review applications, clinical studies, data processing, research documentation, compliance in EU and NIH projects and various systems related to the research process. The RSO coordinates the work of the Research Data Office (RDO) and is in charge of the StockholmTrio office in Brussels. It also coordinates nomination processes for internal and external prizes and medals.

  • To develop the management of and process surrounding EU-financed research projects in tandem with the departments.
  • To broaden and deepen the support of EU projects coordinated by KI.
  • To oversee adaptation to the NIH’s new requirements concerning copies of research data and documentation.
  • To further develop ethics support and instruction for researchers and departmental management teams. 
  • To further develop the contract process – sharing of responsibilities/how we work with the Legal Office and the departments.
  • To instruct and inspire researchers as regards innovation and impact in tandem with KI-Holding.
  • To develop Impact and IP support for applications and collaborative initiatives.
  • To further develop networks for experience sharing in tandem with departmental research support.

Other prioritised focus areas

  • To develop communication and internal departmental processes.
  • The contract process

Advice and support with:

  • External and internal research financing
  • Corporate alliances
  • Impact and intellectual property rights
  • Career development for researchers
  • Research documentation and data processing
  • Research-related contracts
  • Ethics and clinical studies
  • Nominations, awards, prizes and medals

The following objects are included in the research support programme: ELN, KI Prisma, Research Professional, iLab, DMPonline, RedCap, iThenticate.


  • Grants 
  • Grants Management
  • External Engagement
  • Compliance & Data

SEK 68,269,000