Operational plan for the Communications and Public Relations Office

This is the operational plan for the Communications and Public Relations Office 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) creates the conditions KI requires to achieve its operational goals in research and education by coordinating and developing the university’s communication activities. The remit of the office is to plan and implement strategic and operational activities based on the university’s needs, and to provide channels for effective communication, curate the university brand, distinguish KI as a university and strengthen its role as a social player.

  • To strengthen the strategic communication of the university management and the university’s mangers.
  • To support the work being done in the management’s nine prioritised focus areas. 
  • To bring about more coordinated, intuitive and effective internal channels of digital communication.
  • To develop the support given to research communication.
  • To enhance the KI brand locally, nationally and internationally, including reviewing the signage on our campuses.
  • To produce a university-wide web strategy and support the implementation and integration of RIMS.
  • Draw up structures for managers’ forums 
  • Research News 2.0 
  • RIMS (mainly implementation and integration on ki.se) 
  • The Cell (with the National Museum of Science and Technology)
  • Internal channels, including the Staff Portal

KI’s overall communication, including:

  • Content and development of the websites
  • Digital communication channels
  • Research communication
  • Media
  • Brand
  • Communication on strategic collaborations
  • Internal and staff communication
  • KI’s main website
  • Digital communication channels
  • 37 (of whom 8 in the communication consultants pool)
  • Digital Communication Channels
  • Communication Coordination and Brand
  • Press Office and Editorial Content

SEK 47,923,000