Operational plan for the IT Office

This is the operational plan for the IT Office 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The remit of the IT Office is to create a solid platform for a secure, accessible and cost-effective supply of information for the university. This we do by:

  • having overall and technological responsibility for IT security
  • delivering modern, standard services to all areas of activity
  • driving digitisation in Professional Services
  • ensuring the efficient management of general IT systems
  • promoting innovation and competitiveness in research and education through the use of advanced digital services
  • having responsibility for and developing KI’s IT strategy
  • collaborating with the region and hospitals on IT infrastructure for KI personnel.

IT research support

  • Continued expansion in the field through a stronger focus on AI, processing power and cooperation platforms. We aim to be a natural source of support through the entire research process and to actively contribute to its results.

Coordinated IT

  • To carry through the project as decided.

The digitisation portfolio

  • To complete the implementation and ensure that the approved administration model becomes an integral part of Professional Services.
  • Coordinated IT including BioNut hall closure
  • Common case administration system
  • IT security
  • Service och support
  • Service delivery (M365, Karyon, storage, networks, etc.)
  • Licensing
  • Development and administration

Owns IT responsibility and all objects in the portfolio.


  • Infrastructure
  • Service
  • Development
  • IT Staff

SEK 185,089,000