Program for individual career planning and career change

As an employee at KI, you can be confronted with changes in your organization’s needs with regards to competence, organizational structure, number of employees and different forms of employment. In this case, you can be given the possibility to take part in an individual career planning or career change program through Newstart, with economical support from KI.

This is thanks to the local collective agreement on career transitions (in Swedish), were KI and the different Unions have set a common goal to strive for sustainable, proactive career transitions.

The Newstart career program

The program includes six individual meetings with a career coach, which are spread over the course of three months, and take place in the Newstart office in Stockholm. During the first, exploratory meeting you and your coach discuss your situation, needs, goals and thoughts for the future. After this, a program is tailormade just for you.

If needed there is even a possibility to get free-standing career coaching meetings.


For more information you can contact the HR responsible at your department, or the responsible contact person listed below.

Sandra Helminen

Leadership specialist