Occupational health care at KI

For employees, PhD students or postdocs - regardless of funding arrangements. If you are a student at KI, you should contact Student Wellbeing Centre.

Questions and answers

Karolinska Institute strives to be a proactive employer and create a sustainable work environment for everyone. As part of this, YOU as an employee can approach Avonova occupational health directly without asking your manager. This is, of course, for support with work-related health problems (problems that may be related to your ability to work and the demands that your work makes).

We would also like you to contact Avonova for consultation about your physical and mental health for preventive purposes. For example, if you want support to get started with a physical activity but are unsure about your fitness and issues that may affect you. Occupational health collaborates with health care at KI and can issue a prescription for physical activity.

If you need medical care that is not considered to be work-related, you should contact your regular family doctor.

If the need is urgent, it is emergency care or 112 that you should contact.

You can order the following services yourself:

  • Two meetings per year with a specialist of your choice: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, ergonomist, behavioral scientist, or psychologist. If further meetings are required, these must be confirmed with your immediate manager or your local HR.
    • As a doctoral student, you can choose to use your two meetings per year for specific doctoral coaching: Dedicated psychologists at Avonova corporate health support you as a doctoral student digitally according to a specially developed model.
  • Treatment of needlestick/other cuts or blood infection. (On weekends and evenings, you are directed to public healthcare - please refer to the specific routine at your workplace. Remember also to report any incident internally in the incident reporting system, the IA system)

All visits require an appointment, and you can book by calling the nearest Avonova occupational health care centre.

Always state: 

  • Which department you belong to 
  • Social security number (if you have one) 
  • What services you want to book

If you have booked an appointment but are unable to attend, it must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance – otherwise Avonova will issue an invoice for the appointment.