Programme Education Congress 2024

During this year's Educational Congress where we delve into the theme of "Exploring the Human Dimensions of Education." Through this lens, we aim to embrace the intricate interplay between humanity and education within the healthcare domain.

When: 2-3 October, 2024. 
Where: KI campus in Solna. 
Who: The Educational Congress is a meeting place for you who are involved in or interested in educational issues at KI, both on campus and in the healthcare sector. 


Details of the programme will be made available from May onwards.

Three subthemes

Our conference unfolds across three subthemes, each offering insights into the nature of education. 

Human dimensions

How do we capture the essence of human dimensions and values in education? recognizing both students and educators as complete entities with multifaceted needs. 

Relationship between technology and humanity 

We investigate the dynamic relationship between technology and humanity in education and healthcare, seeking to identify the core values essential for maintaining human-centered approaches amidst technological advancements. 

Methodologies and approaches

We ponder upon the methodologies and approaches crucial for investigating and researching the development of education, unraveling the pathways toward educational innovation and growth. Join us in this exploration as we navigate the tapestry of human dimensions within the realm of medical education.

Winner of KIPRIME

The winner of this year's KIPRIME award will attend as one of the keynote speakers at the Educational Congress.


The programme for Educational Congress is mainly held in English. 


Link for registration will be published during May.