Requirements for KI to be listed as research principal

When KI conducts research and processes human samples and/or sensitive personal data that require ethics approval in Sweden, KI must either have submitted and received approval as the applying research principal for the ethics application, or they must be listed as a principal research participant in an ethics application submitted by another research principal.

In the document “Clarification of rules regarding ethics permits”, you can read more about what is required regarding ethical approval when KI conducts research.

This document concerns research covered by the Act on ethical review of research involving humans (2003:460), in which it was clarified on 1st January 2020 that all principal researchers involved must be stated in an ethical application. 'Principal researchers’ means a government authority or a legal person who conducts the research. The role, assignment and responsibility of the respective principal researchers in the project must be described in detail in the ethics application.

No action needs to be taken for ethical permits for completed projects for which KI was not mentioned as either a primary principal researcher applying or as a participating principal researcher principal. However, in those cases in which the research project is still ongoing and where KI is not, neither in the initial application nor in a supplementary application, listed as an applying or participating principal researcher, amendments to the existing ethics permit may be needed.


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