Awards and contracts

For NIH projects, the Notice of Award starts the contract process.

Being awarded

Funding agencies normally issue a Notice of Award (NoA) that sets the framework for the awarded project. Even if KI is not the prime recipient (Prime/PTE) of the award, you must submit a copy of the NoA to Grants Office:

Signing agreements

Types of agreements will vary depending on whether KI is the prime recipient of the award or a subawardee/subcontractor.

If KI is the prime recipient of NIH-funds, a grantee indicates acceptance of an award and its associated Terms & Conditions by drawing or requesting funds from the designated HHS payment system or office - once the award is accepted by the grantee, the contents of the NoA are binding for the grantee. If KI is the prime recipient of US funds other than NIH, a grantee will need to sign an agreement once negotiations between KI and the funding body are completed.

If KI is not the prime recipient, a subaward agreement or similar is required for regulating the work done at KI. In such cases, KI may need to provide additional information and assurances together with the subaward agreement.

Please forward any requests or questions you may get regarding agreements and supplemental information to Grants Office at:

NOTE: Grant/funding Agreements or Contracts need to be signed by Head of Department and co-signed by KI-authorised signing official: Head of Grants Office.