Intellectual property - support at KI

Intellectual property (IP) is a collective term for various rights that protect different forms of knowledge assets (datasets, methods, inventions, etc) created within research. Part of our mission at the EEO - External Engagement Office is to assist you in working with IP from the perspectives of research financing and collaboration.

We can support you with:

  • IP issues related to ownership, inventorship and publication
  • IP funding: guidance around IP-background, IP-rights and freedom to operate in grant applications and collaboration agreements
  • IP impact: helping to describe your social, economic, and technological impact on society
  • IP legal advice: reviewing IP-clauses in agreements and collaborations bearing in mind the professor's privilege principle, wherein the KI-Researcher owns his invention
  • IP searches: fetching basic state of the art documents around your idea
  • IP strategy: drawing a path for effective development and management of your IP assets
  • IP licencing: analysing complicated situations where licencing should be considered


Feel free to contact the IP-function at EEO to get advice and support in managing IP from your research.

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Fernando Farieta

Intellectual property (IP) Expert