GO - Grants Office

GO provides support for KI internal research funding and pre-award support for external funding. Go also organises training on internal processes for larger applications and coordination of agreements.

Contact list - Grants Office


1. KI internal funding: 

2. External funding:

Contact grantsoffice@ki.se

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4. GO address

Address: Karolinska Institutet,
Grants Office, 171 77 Stockholm

Visiting address: Nobels väg 15A, Solna

Head of Grants Office

Björn Kull leads both RSO and GO, teams of experienced staff specialised in research and administration, scientific writing, communication and knowledge of the EU and other international and national funding bodies.

Together with the head of a department Björn Kull makes decisions for:

  • Applications to the EU, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other foreign donors
  • Funding agreements with these contributors
  • Cooperation agreements with other grant recipients, possible additions and changes to existing applications and agreements
  • Related reports and system registrations for these contributors

Feel free to contact Björn Kull if you have any suggestions or feedback about the research support organisation. For other specific questions, see available support functions at the respective web pages above.

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Björn Kull

Head of Research Support Office (RSO) and Grants Office (GO)

INTERNAL funding support:

• KI Foundations & Funds

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Charlotte Svanberg

KI Foundations & Funds: support for internal calls for research and travel grants in Prisma.

• KI Prizes & Awards

Anne Thyrfing

KI honorary doctorates, medals and recurring awards.
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Kia Olsson

Support for KI recurring awards and research internships "Forskar-AT" for PhD students.

• KID & NIH PhD funding

Paulina Mihailova

I work with advertising processes and management for the doctoral programs KID och NIH.

EXTERNAL funding support:

Contact: grantsoffice@ki.se 

We provide support for researchers applying for worldwide research funding:

  • Swedish & Nordic
  • European, including:
    • Horizon Europe
    • ERC - European Research Council
    • Marie Skłodowska Curie
    • EIT Health
    • EIC - European Innovation Council
    • Horizone Europe collaborative programs
  • US funding 

You can get advice, feedback and training on internal processes for larger applications. An important part of the work includes compliance with rules, coordination and signature of grant agreements and consortium agreements.

• Swedish & Nordic

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Maria Issagouliantis

Swedish & Nordic application support

Eva Bjur

Swedish & Nordic application support

• European

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Carolina Kristell

Horizon Europe collaborative funding application support and representative in Stockholm trio Brussels Office
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Jodie Guy Claesson

ERC starting and consolidator grant, FET och Horizon 2020 infrastructure application support
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Tamsin Lindström

European Research Council and EIC Transition grant applications support, Integration of sex and gender in research, pre-submission peer review of proposals, and public/patient engagement
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Ying Zhao

Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions program and MSCA within EU funding support

Daniela Strodthoff

European application support

• US & other international

Christine Chang

US and Non-European application support

Nicola Payton

US and Non-European application support

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Nobels väg 15A, Solna