RSO - Research Support Office

RSO offers broad expertise and support for researchers at KI, including research data management and documentation.

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RSO is divided into 4 units:

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1. GO - Grants Office

  • Funding sources
  • Current funding calls
  • KI internal grants & awards
  • External funding process & support
  • Training on internal processes for larger applications
  • Coordination and signature of grant and other agreements
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2. GMO - Grants Management Office

  • Financial management of ongoing EU and US projects (post-award support)
  • Budget follow-up, amendment, project management and audits coordination
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3. CDO - Compliance & Data Office

  • Research documentation 
  • Data and information management
  • Laws and regulations for externally funded projects, "non-financial compliance"
  • Clinical trials, ethics and personal data management
  • ELN - Electronic Logbook
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4. EEO - External Engagement Office

  • Long-term partnerships with industry and other actors
  • Support for managing collaborative research, contracting, intellectual property rights and other issues
  • KI Career Service for PhD students, postdocs and researchers
  • EIT Health - operational and strategic initiatives for new projects in education, innovation and business development

Head of RSO

Björn Kull leads both RSO and GO, with experienced staff within research and administration, scientific writing, communication and knowledge of the European Union and other international and national funding bodies.

Feel free to contact Björn Kull if you have any suggestions or feedback on research support organisation. For other specific questions, please check out available support functions and the respective web pages above.

Björn Kull

Head of Research Support Office (RSO) and Grants Office (GO)

Heads of units

Rikard Lingström

Head of Grants Management Office (GMO)

Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl

Head of Compliance & Data Office (CDO)

Richard Cowburn

Head of External Engagement Office (EEO)

Other roles at RSO

Kseniya Hartvigsson

Content Developer. I work with digital communication development, visualisation, media production and web design.

Jonas Molander

Senior project manager. I'm responsible for implementing the Research Information Management Strategy (RIMS project).

Stockholm Trio in Brussels

Represents Stockholm trio (Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University) in Brussels regarding research, innovation and education.

Dan Andrée

Senior Advisor, EU R&I Policy

Department: UF Central Administration

Address in Brussels: c/o Stockholm Region EU Office Avenue Marnix 28, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Nobels väg 15A, Solna