Search for courses in Fubas

In the system, there is a search function where the user can search and filter course syllabi, course information, and course occasions independently of the institution. It is possible to combine the search and filtering functions.

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The number in the tab heading and under the "Number of results" heading indicates the number of hits and changes as you search or filter data. Both tabs are affected by what you enter in the general search field. The number of hits based on what you entered for a specific tab is displayed in the tab header.

The search function consists of two parts: a general search field and an advanced search function.

In the general search field, you can search for course codes, titles, words in the descriptive text, etc. For example, if you enter "basic stat," you will get hit results with title fields like:

  • Basic Course in Medical Statistics 
  • Fundamentals of Stata Language 
  • The Basics of Skeletal Biology

The advanced search field is primarily intended for course syllabi. Here, you search for course syllabi based on decision dates and/or the semester the course syllabus applies to.

You can filter out desired course syllabi or course occasions based on specified parameters in the right column. The number after each heading indicates the number of hits.

The filtering function works as follows:

  • Depending on which tab is active (course syllabus or course occasion), the filter set applicable to the selected tab is displayed. Course syllabus and course occasion have completely separate filter sets, and any filter selections are reset when you switch tabs.
  • The filter tab disappears if the display area becomes too small, so it is recommended to use a larger screen than a mobile phone when searching.
  • Filter selections for a specific filter tab (e.g., course occasion) do not affect the number of hits displayed in the filter tab header for the other tab (e.g., course syllabus tab). However, the number in the current tab should be affected by filter selections.
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