Fubas user guides

Here are KI:s user guides for the Fubas system.

If you work with courses at another department than your own, please see Co-creator of syllabus further down on this page.


Course information

Course occasion


Co-creator - working with a course at another department than your own

Fubas flow chart
fubas flow chart Photo: N/A

This is the Fubas workflow. You as course provider are active in the parts of the process marked Course provider. 

find syllabus eng
Find syllabus Eng Photo: N/A

How to link to a syllabus

Do as follows to find the appropriate link:

  1. Find your syllabus in Fubas and open it in the “admin view” (i e with a menu bar according to the image).
  2. Click on the appropriate language version under Pdf in the top bar:      
  3. The syllabus will open in a new window. Copy the URL.

Alternatively: right-click on the appropriate language version under Pdf and choose Copy link address.

Please note that the link will only be accessible via KI login. If you want the syllabus to be available to persons outside KI, we advise you to instead upload a Pdf on your website. The Pdf:s meet the standards for accessibility. 

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