Standalone websites in WordPress

Karolinska Institutet has an installation of the Wordpress for blogs or independent sites. In the normal case, should be used to describe KI activities. But a standalone site can be used for projects where KI is one of several senders. Typical examples are centres or networks where KI is the main but not the sole sender.

How Wordpress is used at KI

At KI Wordpress is used as web platform for blogs and sites that aim to present cooperation and projects where other actors besides KI are usually involved.

There are two variations of URL-address for KI's Wordpress sites:   or: 

KI owns and maintains following blog sites in Wordpress:, 

Besides blogs, KI supports a wide range of Wordpress websites created as a form of cooperation with other organisations and actors, where KI is involved as a coordinator, but does not own a project. In such cases a website needs to be more neutral in its expression and design. 

Here are examples of websites that match this description: 

If you are considering to create a website for your project, where KI is involved as one of coordinators - please see below how to order a Wordpress site at KI.

Apply for a wordpress site

Leave a suggestion of name for your site. You can't use capital letters, The name can´t contain any  special characters othetr than _ and no space. If you suggest the name My Project the URL  will be:
Descibe what the site is to be used for.
Who is the audiece of your site
Person/s who are going to update the webpage