Creating a website at KI

Which type of website or webpage works best to present my information? Is it a research study that needs a website, or a collaboration with several other universities?

Activities carried out at KI

If what is to be presented is a part of KI - i.e. research, education, administration - the information will be presented within the framework of

A research project, study, information about a survey etc. should be found on the department's website. The presentation can be designed in many different ways, either a page if there is not so much information or a landing page when there is a need to present and collate a larger material with many parts and sub-pages.

When the information is located on, it becomes useful and all KI target groups can be reached (our visitor's recognizes it and there is a systematic way of surfing), credible (it's clear that KI is the sender) and searchable (the system we use has all components needed for an editor to do the right thing and KI has high rank in google search).

There is also a continuous management and development of the tool (Drupal) and a distributed editorial responsibility with a main editors in each department.

Domain name

The domain name will always be There is also the possibility of having short addresses to a page if necessary, so called alias.

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Collaboration with other organisations

If the project has to do with KI, but where KI is not the main sender but one among many stakeholders, the website can not be under KI's domain. In these cases, you have to make a totally standalone website. The domain must not contain anything with "ki" and the appearance must not resemble KI. Examples of such websites are EU projects and consortia.

Please contact the web administration so that we can help you.  


KI also have an installation in Wordpress for blogs. 


Web administration

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