Supply Center in Biomedicum

Supply Center storage is located in Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9, floor 2 (stairs or elevators C or D for easy access). Welcome!

Supply Center currently offers products in the Consumables category and you can easily order via Unit 4 for same-day delivery. Remember that it may take longer for your order to reach us if you who order does not have authorized pre-attest.
Can't find the product you're looking for? Let us know and we are happy to look at the possibility of bringing the product into stock. 

Updated stock balance

Now it is possible to see updated stock balance at the Supply Center. Please use this feature to ensure the availability of the products in stock before ordering.

Due to system limitations, orders from Supply Center cannot be combined with orders from suppliers at the moment. This means that you must place separate orders to the Supply Center and vendor, i.e. the requisition against supply should only contain items from Supply Center (products with SC logo).

Supply of Ethanol

We have a supply of Ethanol in place in Biomedicum that can be ordered via FM Helpdesk. Make sure to mention your name, quarter, project number on your order.

The users may then collect the Ethanol on floor 2 presenting the adequate project number. You can schedule a convenient pick-up time by calling the telephone number mentioned on your ticket/order.

Office supplies at KI Supply Center

Purchase your office supplies at KI Supply Center. The shop is open 24/7 with your access card and code. Without card and code it's open weekdays between 08:00-16:30.

Purchase coordination

Please read about purchase and public procurement here

More information

* To facilitate the procurement process, a certifier can pre-certify the purchase to a certain amount  med ett visst belopp linked to a project or resource. This means that the authorized buyer does not have to wait for approval, but for the requisition, submitted via the e-commerce system,sent directly as an order to the supplyer. The maximum amount per pre-certified plan is  50 000 SEK.