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The Pedagogical Academy

Karolinska Institutet’s Pedagogical Academy consists of teachers who demonstrate skills above and beyond those seen in ordinary teaching and learning at Karolinska Institutet. Their pedagogical efforts have been recognized as particularly important to promoting high quality education.

The overall aim of the Pedagogical Academy is to promote pedagogical development and commitment to education and training issues by recognizing the teachers who demonstrate excellence in pedagogy. Pedagogical excellence at KI means that teachers function in various ways to ensure that their students’ learning is students' supported. This is shown in a pedagogical portfolio and assessed according to given criteria.

Our members' skills are seen as an important resource for continued pedagogical development at KI.

About the Pedagogical Academy

Being a Member of the Pedagogical Academy is a reward and recognition for excellent achievements in pedagogy at Karolinska Institutet.

Members of the Pedagogical Academy are a network of teachers who have shown interest in teaching and pedagogical development. They have no required commitment, but are a great asset of Karolinska Institutet where they have applied their vast experience in pedagogical development in different ways. Given their experience and expertise Pedagogical Academy members serve as role models for their colleagues with pedagogical interest.

Members serve as role models by:

  • initiating pedagogical discussions
  • supporting professional development of colleagues
  • disseminating of teaching experience and pedagogical knowledge
  • providing pedagogical expertise in the evaluation of educational credentialsatt 

Members of the Pedagogical Academy at Karolinska Institutet have been appointed as exceptional teachers, which means that they have extensive teaching experience in both undergraduate education and other levels of education.

Furthermore, they have demonstrated pedagogical awareness and show how their teaching is based on research and best practices in teaching and learning. They also have demonstrated the ability to communicate with students, colleagues and the surrounding community.

Members of the Pedagogical Academy (in Swedish)

Apply to the Pedagogical Academy

Anyone who has a teaching position at the Karolinska Institutet (associate professors, senior lecturers, professors), holding a PhD and active in KI's education are welcome to apply. Applications can be written in Swedish or English and should contain:

  • A pedagogy portfolio in accordance with the Pedagogical Academy template below (15 pages max)
  • A CV of 1-2 A4 pages showing the applicant's educational and professional experience in accordance with the template
  • Recommendation by the applicant’s head of department with a statement about the applicant teacher's pedagogical skills

Other documents such as academic qualifications portfolio and course evaluations will not be considered.

Tip! Remember to read the evaluation criteria and to follow the template for the pedagogical portfolio, for example; describe your development of pedagogical knowledge. Also be sure to show that you have higher education courses of at least ten weeks. See links to the right for templates and more information.

Send your application (pdf) by e-mail to Last day to apply is May 8.

Each complete application will be reviewed by external expert and a current member of the Pedagogical Academy. The final assessment is made by an assessment group composed of the current members.