Select KI templates in PowerPoint and Word

If you have the latest version of Office 365 you can open the PowerPoint and Word templates in the programmes. If not, you can download them on this page under the heading Download templates.

Typeface in KI templates

The typeface DM Sans is used in both digital and analogue channels throughout KI. The typeface is avaliable in the templates.

Available templates for PowerPoint and Word:

  • Letter and documents
  • Presentations
  • Templates with two logos ex. KI and Karolinska University Hospital
  • Folder
  • Scientific poster

The feature is available for anyone with a KI-ID.

Office 365

KI's Office templates have been updated with a new look and meet necessary accessibility requirements, which affects the design of both headers and footers as well as row length and colour. On this page you will find out how to select your template. 

If you are part of Coordinated IT

Alternative I

Just as before, Office 365 templates will be available when you:

  • Open PowerPoint or Word
  • Choose ”New”
  • Choose ”Karolinska Institutet”
  • Double click on the template of your choice
How to select a template in Office 365
Choose "new" and then "Karolinska Institutet" when you want to select a template.

Alternative II

  • Open PowerPoint or Word
  • Choose "More templates"
  • Choose ”Karolinska Institutet”
  • Double click on the template of your choice
How to select a template in Office 365
Choose "Start" and "More templates" to reach the KI templates.

Download templates

If your department is not a part of Coordinated IT, you can download the templates via Office365 online by following the steps below:

  1. Browse to Templates in Sharepoint
  2. Log in with your KI email and password
  3. Open the template of your choice or download a copy

If you open and work in the template directly from Sharepoint, make sure to use the Desktop App.

Screen shot showing how to edit in Sharepoint
Edit the template directly in Sharepoint.
Screen shot showing how to edit in the desktop app.
Open and edit the template in the Desktop App.

Name your document correctly

You need to rename your document in the document properties menu, especially if it is to be exported as a PDF and may be uploaded to a web page. Otherwise, the wrong name will appear in the search results for the document. In Office, this is done by going to File-  Info and clicking Properties, then Advanced properties. This will bring up fields where you can fill in the properties your document needs to have.

Properties menu Word
Properties menu Word Photo: n/a

Reasons why the template may not work

Older versions of Microsoft Office

Note that the KI templates do not work in older versions of Microsoft Office (for example, MS Office 2016 and MS Office 2019).

The online version of Microsoft Word

The KI templates cannot be downloaded in the online version of Word, you must use the desktop application. Microsoft has removed the feature online and it is unclear if and if so when that feature will return.

In PowerPoint, it should work to download the KI templates directly in the online version.

Contact IT support

Please contact Helpdesk (if you have Coordinated IT) or your department’s own IT Support (if you are outside Coordinated IT) if you have problems accessing the templates.

Update an older PowerPoint presentation to a new template

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Open the older presentation you wish to update
  3. Select and copy the slides (or selection of slides) in the old presentation
  4. Open the new PowerPoint template and insert the content you have just copied (from the old presentation) using the new theme
  5. Right click on the first slide and chose Paste Options and Use Destination Theme
  6. Save the new PowerPoint presentation

You may have to make a few manual adjustments. If you have been using the 4:3-format instead of the 16:9-format, some slide may look distorted and will have to be adjusted manually.

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