Web communication seminar

This seminar on web communication is a basic course which provides an overview of how we should write and communicate on the web at Karolinska Institutet.

The seminar is 3 hours long and covers the following:

  • Target groups - who are they and what do they want to do?
  • Writing for the web - from title to writing the perfect link.
  • Accessibility online - what web editors need to know
  • Structuring your content  - different functions of ki.se and different principles for navigation on the web.
  • Search engine optimization - tips for editors to make their content a top hit.

The seminar is a mandatory part in the process to become an editor of the website ki.se. We prefer that you take it before, or at the latest within a year after, you have completed the tutorial of the content management system (CMS) Drupal and begun your work as an editor.

The seminar is held by Communications and Public Relations Office. This seminar is also held in swedish around four times/year.

Note! You need to complete a tutorial of the content management system Drupal on your own to become an editor of ki.se.


To attend the seminar, send an email to webb@ki.se, and we will get bak to you with a suggestion of a date and time once we have enough people who are intrested in having the seminar held in English.

You can also attend one of the dates already annonced in Swedish.

Upcoming seminars in english

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