Share and receive data with MFT (Managed File Transfer)

MFT is a service that makes it possible to safely share and receive data. All employees at Karolinska Institutet have access to the MFT service. External users can be invited to receive and share data.

Data is saved for 30 days

Data uploaded to the MFT service is only active for 30 days. Once 30 days have passed, it will be deleted. It is therefore important to retrieve or move all data to a suitable storage location within these 30 days so that it is not lost.

Upload data to MFT via browser

To access the MTF service, go to Log in using your KI email address and password, and with the Microsoft Authenticator app

Please note: Loading data to MFT via a browser only allows to upload files, not folders.

Upload data to MFT via SFTP

To access the MFT service using SFTP, you can, for example, use FileZilla, which is available in the Software Center and Self Service on migrated KI clients. For multi-factor authentication to work for SFTP, it must be set for approval via the Microsoft Authenticator application.  You can find this setting under the security information page, click on “change” next to “default login method” and select “Microsoft Authenticator message”. It does not work if the authentication is set to “Authenticator app or hardware token code”.

Share data

Once you have invited the users with whom you want to share data, you can start sharing files and folders via the MFT service.

External users

To be able to share and receive data from an external user, the user must be invited.

External users also use the MFT service via their browser or SFTP. To access the service via the browser, they will usually log in using their account for the MFT service and multi-factor authentication.

If external users want to access the MFT service using SFTP in order to share and receive data, it is not possible to do this with their multi-factor authentication app. They must instead use a key file. To gain access to a key file, the person who has invited the user must order a key file by contacting Helpdesk.

State for which account the key file is being ordered. The file will then be created and placed in a folder in the MFT account for the selected user. The user will access the file by logging in via their browser. The user needs to download the file to their computer and install it in their selected SFTP client, e.g. FileZilla.

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