Publication types in KI RIMS

The publication type affects where the publication is placed in your publication list and how it is displayed. Usually the publication type is set automatically, but sometimes you may need to change it.

Please note that changes you make in KI RIMS are NOT transferred to the bibliometrics database. If you want to change the publication type in the bibliometrics system, you need to contact Pubmed or Web of Science and ask them to correct the error.

Change publication type for a publication

There are 15 different publication types in KI RIMS: Journal article, Preprint, Book chapter, Book, Dataset, Software / code, Figure / visualisation, Conference publication, Report, Patent, Presentation (slides etc), Media (audio-visual), Newspaper article, Thesis / disserations and Other. To change any of these publication types you klick on the pencil icon.

Screenshot of publication in KI RIMS showing where to edit the publication type.

Change sub type for an article or conference publication

In addition to the publication types above, Journal article and Conference publications are also divided into sub types. The sub types you can choose from for Journal article are: Article, Letter, Review, Corrigendum, Addendum, Rapid communication and Editorial comment while the subtypes for Conference publications are: Published paper, Meeting abstract, Meeting summary and Poster. However, there may be other sub types for publications that come to KI RIMS from other sources.

To change a publication's sub type, you need to create a manual record where you can enter the correct sub type: Go to the publication in your publication list in KI RIMS, click on the title to open the publication record and then click on the plus icon in the bottom right corner (Add manual record). If there already is a manual record, open it instead by clicking on the pencil icon.

Publication types in publication lists

The publication list on the Publication tab on 

If there is a sub type on any of the sources in KI RIMS it will be the sub type that shows, otherwise it will be the main publication type that show.

Screenshot showing how the publication types look in the publication lists on

Publication lists and CV:s from the Reporting hub

The publication lists and CV:s that you can export through the Reporting hub in KI RIMS are sorted by publication type in the same way as the KI Qualifications portfolio requires.

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