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KI has procured companies for transport and courier services, to carry scientific samples that are classified as dangerous goods. The  framework agreements are for the period 2023-04-16 to 2025-04-16.  

Listed below are the five companies procured by KI and therefore should be used for courier services, transport of scientific samples, dangerous goods or animals, if KI is the paying party. Otherwise, the paying party is free to choose any supplier.

If what you are sending is classified as dangerous goods (e.g. an infectious substance UN 3373), the procured companies have the competence to issue the goods declaration that must then accompany the package. But please note - it is the sender's obligation to save a copy of the goods declaration for at least 3 months.

Your Special Delivery Service Sweden AB
Contact at supplier
Victoria Fredin
Phone: 010-106 00 50
Mobile: 0704 39 17 12

World Courier (Sweden) AB
Contact at supplier
Customer Service 
Phone: 08-594 414 80

Cargo Logistics Express C.L.EX. AB
Contact at supplier
Reine Gustavsson
Phone: 08-594 500 62 
Mobile: 070-786 84 60

Companies such as FedEx, DHL, T.N.T etc. are not included and are therefore not allowed to be used, if KI is the paying party. 

If the shipping is locked to FedEx or DHL to obtain sample quantities or sample products, it is  sometimes still possible to take advantage of the offer. Some of our procured suppliers can place the order with them and invoice KI according to agreement.

For more information, such as price lists, go to Avtalskatalogen and search for "transport". If you have any questions regarding procurement, please contact Kalid Mohamed, e-mail:


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