Members of staff (who are covered by the Occupational Health Services Agreement) at Karolinska Institutet, have the right to free vaccinations that are appropriate for the risks, to which they may be exposed to in their work.

Blood-borne infections

Members of staff, who are exposed to the risk of blood-borne pathogens in their work, such as from stab or cut wounds and blood splashes, shall be offered vaccination against Hepatitis B.


Members of staff who have not previously been vaccinated shall be offered vaccination against tuberculosis (BCG-vaccination) if they have patient or health care contact while serving in the respiratory and infection clinics, tbc-laboratories or during work with autopsies.

Dentists, dental hygienists, occupational work therapists, audiologists, speech therapists and occupational health therapists run a slightly increased risk of TBC infection. These groups can also be offered vaccination. A BCG vaccination shall always be preceded by a tuberculin test (PDD-test).

For vaccination against Hepatitis B and BGC, contact the Occupational Health Service provider Avonova hälsa. This is included in the Occupational Health Services Agreement.

Official business abroad

Prior to an official journey abroad, an individual assessment shall be made taking into account the destination and type of activity there. For further information contact the vaccination office or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD)/SIDA. The costs of the vaccine and the vaccination are covered by the department.

Students are referred to the Student Health Centre for information regarding vaccinations.