Occupational Health Service for employees

Avonova Hälsa is KI's agreed occupational health care provider within work environment and work-oriented rehabilitation. For you as a manager or working in HR, there is a special page with information about what services occupational health offers.

What support can I get? 

If you are an employee, scholarship-financed doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow, you can turn to occupational health for work-related medical, psychological and ergonomic advice. By work-related issues mean that there must be a connection between your problems, your ability to work and to the demands at work. If you as an employee are in need of medical care that is not considered work-related, you should contact your regular medical care. 

How do I make an appointment? 

All visits require an appointment. Bookings can be made either by telephone or email with one of Avonova's Health Centers or via the Avonova-portal. Usually, Administrative Managers and local HR have access to the Avonova-portal. 

You can order the following services yourself by calling one of Avonova's Health Centers: 

  • Two appointments per year with a specialist of your choosing: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, ergonomist, behavioural scientist or psychologist. If additional appointments are required, these must be confirmed with your immediate manager. You can also turn to your local HR department. 
  • Treatment for needle sticks/other cuts or blood contamination. On weekends and evenings, regular care is contacted according to routines at the workplace. Also remember to report the incident internally in the Incident Reporting System. 

If you, in your line of work, are beeing exposed to blood infection in the event of a stab wound, cut injury or blood splatter, you can also order:(before you start working) 

  • vaccination against Hepatitis B, if necessary also against Hepatitis A 

Remember to state your department when booking appointment.

Avonova Health Centres

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday 8.00-17.00 

Friday 8.00-16.30 

Closed for lunch: 12.00-13.00 

Avonova Kungsholmen 

S:t Göransgatan 57, floor 5       

Phone: 08-120 124 80 


Avonova - Klara Strand C

Klarabergsviadukten 90 

Entrance C, plan 7 

Phone 08-120 125 00 


Avonova Huddinge 

Kommunalvägen 1-5 

Phone: 08-120 124 10