Welcome to Biomedicum!

Here you will find useful tips and information for newcomers and for those of you who are working in the building. You can also download an Biomedicum introduction guide.


If you are a new employee at Biomedicum, you must complete the KI Laboratory safety test. There is one test for administrative personnel and one for laboratory personnel. Passing the test is a requirement for activating your Biomedicum access card. 

Once completed, the HR department, located at the administration in block A3, will approve your access. The access card will be handed to you at the reception on floor 3.

The safety test has been developed to ensure that everyone working in the premises or the laboratories at Karolinska Institutet has the same basic understanding of safety.

For those who want to learn more, several courses on work environment and laboratory safety are provided by KI: Courses by the Environment and Security unit.

To receive access to restricted labs some rooms in Biomedicum you need to fill out an application form  that should be signed by responsible person.

Please contact the reception at floor 3 for more information.

mobile phone in front of display of new digital visit system (Bravida) in Biomedicum.


The reception in Biomedicum and Aula Medica is operated by the Property and Facilities Office at the Central Administration.
The receptions will be staffed by Avarn.

Opening hours

Weekdays between 07:00-16:00


  • Provides service to employees, internal and external guests, by answering questions about Biomedicum, referring to the right person or premises.
  • Manages permissions, entrance cards, temporary passes for visitors
  • Contacts FM in case of emergency
  • Book the Faculty Club, lunch rooms, mingle area on floor 3 (in consultation with KI, the Faculty Club  and supplier exhibitions
  • Provide service to employees in Biomedicum by helping to report new issues or following up on any reported issues in the FM Helpdesk system

If you forget your access card at home, go to the reception and you will receive a temporary one, valid during the day.

If you are a visiting researcher, a contractor or other, who need access for a few days, you will receive a temporary access card.


Phone: +46 (0)8-524 864 00

Patrolling security person/guard (Avarn) available 24/7: +46 (0)8-524 864 47.

Biomedicum visit system

There is a visit system by the reception in Biomedicum. It is equipped with a button you can use if you need to call the security guard on duty. This could be useful if you are in the building during evenings or week-ends and the security guard is on a round.

When your visitor arrives

  • he/she registers at the visitor’s terminal
  • you will receive a phone call from the system. The system will call you from number 80133 (consider adding the number to your contact list in your mobile for future occasions), with the following message:
    "XXX väntar på dig i receptionen, var god tryck 1 för att bekräfta eller 2 för att tala med gästen!" ("XXX is waiting for you at the reception, please press 1 to confirm or 2 to speak to the guest!")

There are two options:

  1. If you want to confirm the visitor, press 1 and hang up. The visitor is then confirmed and a visitor badge is printed. The visit is logged into the system and you can come and meet your visitor at the reception, floor 3.
  2. You can talk to your visitor by pressing 2. You will then hear a new instruction: "Ni kan nu tala med gästen. Efter avslutat samtal var god tryck 1 om gästen skall registreras". (“You can now talk to your guest. Once you hang up, press 1 and your guest will be registered in the system”.

Please note that the messages are in Swedish and can unfortunately not be changed into any other language.

You are responsible for your guests and for answering the phone whenever you are expecting a guest.

Pre-registration of guests

If you are expecting a group of visitors, you can pre-register your guests in advance via the Check-In function.

Visit https://checkin.ki.se and log in with your KI-ID . Fill in the name and date/time of your visitors.

When your visitor leaves

When your meeting is over, you can either follow your visitor back to the reception or the visitor can let himself/herself out using the QR-code to open a speedgate.


If you have any questions, contact the reception at floor 3 or send an email to reception@ki.se.