Accessing our activities and campus gyms

You need to create an account in the booking system and download the app to access the gyms.

1. Create account

2 Download Wondr booking app

  • View class schedule
  • Book our activities/spaces
  • Open the entrance door to the gym

If you have problems opening the door to the gym with the app's door open button, try switching to the eduroam wifi network.

Remember to read and confirm our house rules and the anti-doping rules.


How do I get into the gym?

Download the Wondr app. Tap the "Open door - Flemingsberg / Solna" button for the campus you are on.

I can't open the door with the app.

Have you allowed the Wondr app to see your location while you are using the app? Location settings must be approved for it to contact the door. You must be standing at the door when you press the "Open door..." button.

I participate in an activity (e.g. Workout of the day, Volleyball) or go to a booked time (e.g. Sports Hall Court, Studio Time), how are my activities registered?

Click on "check-in" and your training session will be registered.

Is it possible to book the sports hall on campus via the Wondr app? How long blocks one can book that hall for activity? 
To see bookable times go to Book sessions in Wondr and sort on Solna - Sports Hall Play. Every day of the week you can book parts of the hall corresponding to the surface of a badminton court (the activity "Sporthall Court") and you can choose what you want to use the surface for (circuit training, dance, running exercises etc - it doesn't have to be just badminton). Some days there are also specific Table Tennis times (Table Tennis activity). 
The sports hall is also open for use without advance booking. Any time there is no activity scheduled in Wondr,  You are welcome to just drop in and get moving!

I want to book the Sports Hall for a group activity, how do I do that?

We sometimes block out parts or all of the Sports Hall for special occasions or when a group is holding an event. Important to know is that it is always open to KI staff and students only, so unfortunately we cannot welcome external guests for conferences or similar events. If you would like to organise an event for your group in one of our facilities, please get in touch and we will see what is possible based on your group's size and preferences and our order of priority.

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