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The occupational health service is there as an expert resource to support KI as an employer to work both pro-pre and re-actively in the field of work environment, to create the best possible conditions for our operations. Several of the services, such as "Stress management" and "Investigation of discriminatory treatment" can, if you as a manager so wish, also be contracted for proactive purposes.

Examples of services provided by Occupational Health (only available in Swedish at the moment)

Services and appointments  

As a manager or HR professional, you can order all the services included in the agreement and by clicking on any of the services above, you can read more about what the service entails. 

You can always call the Health Centre of your choice and get advice on which service is best suited to your needs.

All visits require an appointment. Booking can be made either by telephone contact with one of Avonova's Health Centres, by email or via the Avonova portal. No-shows or late cancellations (less than 24 hours) prior to a scheduled visit will be charged.  

Occupational health staff work under confidentiality. 

What do you as a manager need to inform about?

Please inform your staff (employees or grant-funded PhD students and postdocs) that they can order the following services themselves by contacting the Health Centre of their choice by phone or email.

  • "Anonymous Personal Appointment" (EAB)  

Two visits per year to a specialist of your choice (occupational physician, occupational nurse, occupational physiotherapist, ergonomist, behavioural scientist or psychologist).  

If more visits are needed, these will be agreed with you as the manager or HR of the institution and the employee and/or Avonova staff will contact you in order for you, in consultation with Avonova, to determine whether the employee needs more than the two "Personal Anonymous Visits" and if so, what is needed to move forward and avoid ill health or sickness absence. 

  • Emergency measures in case of puncture or blood infection (for zero samples) 

At weekends and in the evenings, regular care is contacted according to the procedures at the workplace. Also make sure that the incident is reported internally in the Incident Reporting System. 

  • Vaccination against Hepatitis B, if necessary also against Hepatitis A + B

When hiring a new employee who is at risk of being exposed to blood contamination at work due to a stab wound, cut or blood splash, you need to inform them that, before they start work, they should contact Avonova and make an appointment for vaccination.

*Employed by KI, or doctoral/post-doctoral scholars

Special ordering routines

For ordering medical checks and vaccinations when working with laboratory animals and human material, you can read more in the box "More on this topic".

Avonova Occupational Health Services

This information is available in Swedish.


Common funds 

The common funds pay for the services that employees can order themselves (EAB and measures in case of needlestick injury/blood infection) as well as the statutory medical checks and certain vaccinations. There is also an ergonomics package and some services in the field of systematic health and safety management which are paid for by the common funds. 

Local funds 

Other services, ordered by you as manager or HR, are paid for locally and invoiced to the department. To determine which service you want to order and where the cost should be, click on the link "Occupational health services - costs" which you will find at the top right of this page.  You can always contact one of Avonova's Health Centres for advice on which service is most appropriate. 

Avonova portal 

As an Administrative Manager or local HR, you have access to the Avonova portal. Here you can place orders, send messages and documents to Avonova and view the orders you or other managers have placed with your department. If you are an invoice recipient, compare the specifications in the Avonova portal with the invoices received by the institution.

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