Book meeting rooms in Biomedicum

There are several meeting rooms on each floor in Biomedicum that can be booked directly in Outlook, webmail or the digital screens outside the rooms.

Rooms can be booked 365 days in advance both via Outlook and webmail.

In order to easily orient yourself in the building the rooms have been given numbers according to the following principle:

  • B01317 – The letter refers to the quarter (area of the building)
  • B01317 – the first and second digits refer to the floor
  • B01317 – the third and fourth digits refer to the location of the room in the quarter

The rooms listed below can be booked directly in Outlook (if you do not use Outlook as your mail client, you can access your e-mail via the web).

How to book a room in Outlook

You can book rooms in Outlook, both from PC and Mac as well as from the webmail. It's also possible to use the digital screens for booking premises within 12 hours.

Please note that you need to confirm your booking on the screen upon arrival to the meeting room, otherwise the booking will be cancelled after 15 minutes.

Rooms / Capacity / Equipment

    8 persons 10 A1051 screen, table, chairs (6) Primarily for lunch meetings.
    8 persons 3 A0322 whiteboard, screen Only A3 personnel have access to booking the room.
    8 persons 10 C1051 table, chairs (8) Primarily for lunch meetings
    10 persons 3 C0333 whiteboard, screen
    10 persons 10 A1011 whiteboard, screen
    10 persons 10 A1015 whiteboard, projector automatic screen
    12-15 persons 4 B0412 whiteboard, screen
    12-15 persons 4 C0412 whiteboard, screen, portable camera/ microphone on tripod
    12-15 persons 5 B0512 whiteboard, screen
    12-15 persons 5 C0512 whiteboard, screen, portable camera/ microphone on tripod
    12-15 persons 6 B0612 whiteboard, screen
    12-15 persons 6 C0612 whiteboard, screen Screen for virtual meetings, for streaming conferences/meetings/events
    12-15 persons 7 B0712 whiteboard, screen
    12-15 persons 7 C0712 whiteboard, screen, camera & microphone
    12-15 persons 8 B0812 whiteboard, projector
    12-15 persons 8 C0812 whiteboard, screen, additional screen on wheels, camera & microphone
    12-15 persons 9 B0912 whiteboard, screen
    12-15 persons 9 C0912 whiteboard, screen, camera & microphone
    15 persons 10 B1011 whiteboard, no screen
    15 persons 10 D1011 whiteboard, interactive screen
    16 persons 3 C0335 whiteboard, projector
    16-18 persons 4 D0412 whiteboard, projector
    16-18 persons 9 D0912 whiteboard, projector automatic screen
    20-22 persons 4 A0412 whiteboard, projector
    20-22 persons 8 A0812 whiteboard, projector
    20-25 persons 3 B0313 whiteboard, projector
    20-25 persons 3 B0317 whiteboard, projector
    35 persons 10 Lars E. Gustafsson (D1012) projector Screen for virtual meetings, for streaming conferences/meetings/events. No table, all chairs are equipped with tablet arm desk

    Lecture Halls and mingle area, floor 3

    To book the lecture halls and the mingle area (by the reception) on floor 3, contact the responsible person at your department:

    Department Contact person Type of booking
    CMB Linda Lindell
    FYFA Eva Lindgren
    MBB Victoria Balabanova
    MTC Anne Eklöf Undergraduate education and other bookings
    Eva Noréns Doctoral education
    NEURO Marianne Rothoff Undergraduate education and other bookings
    Elinor Schüberg Undergraduate education and other bookings
    Eva Noréns Doctoral education

    Please note that the door to the lecture hall/room will unlock at the exact time of your booking, i.e. if you book a room between 09:00 and 10:00, the door will open at 09:00. If you need access to the room earlier, make sure to book it 15 minutes prior to the actual meeting.

    Hands holding a mobile phone.

    Video meeting rooms

    Several of the meeting rooms in Biomedicum are suitable for video meetings and for streaming conferences/meetings/events with the necessary audio visual (AV) equipment. Consult the quick guide to using room D1012 for video meetings.

    Quick guide to use video meeting rooms in Biomedicum

    Smaller meeting rooms in BioClinicum no longer bookable via KI Outlook

    It has previously been possible to book the smaller meeting rooms in BioClinicum on floors 5-10 via KI's Outlook. This is no longer possible as from 15 November 2019. 

    Paper calendars have been placed outside these meeting rooms for further booking.

    The reason for the removal of these meeting rooms from KI's Outlook is due to the fact that the hospital's service agreement for video/conference equipment does not apply when these rooms are managed in the KI booking system. Meeting rooms available in Karolinska University Hospital's Outlook will remain.

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