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Doctoral course - Career skills for scientists

Learn more about career options for PhDs and increase your awareness about all the transferable skills you obtain during your doctoral education. You can also take the opportunity to apply for a one month financed internship in a company or organization within the public or private sector.

The course includes reflections over what career options that exist and sessions where academic and non-academic careers paths and entrepreneurial options are presented and discussed. In addition, the course includes the process and steps in a job application procedure, project management, networking practice and how to use communication skills in various contexts.


Application for 2019 is now closed. 40 PhD students have been admitted. Here is a direct link to the course in the PhD course cataloge (KIWAS).


The schedule for 2019 version 1 is found below. The course will take place during Wednesdays from 1-5 PM at campus Solna. The course dates are 30 January, 6, 13, 20 February and 20 March.

Course examination will take place 13, 14 or 15 March (we will divide you in to three groups).

Individual assignment

The individual assignment is to interview and write two “Career portraits” as described in this document. We collaborate with a scientific journalist, Natalie von der Lehr and you are recommended to submit your texts to her, to get feedback about improvements.

You will give a presentation about your “Career portraits” (about 10 min) at the examination dates.


Career Service recruit companies and announce the internship projects to the participants in the Careers skills for scientist course. There will be maximum 20 internship projects 2019.

You need to have your supervisor confirmation that you can apply for an internship project. This confirmation should be submitted to KI Collaboration portal together with your internship application ie CV.

We will organize a company mingle at KI , where you can ask questions about the proposed projects. You are eligible to apply for 3 internship projects and application should be submitted to KI Collaboration portal. The internship period one month on fulltime, is recommended to take place between March and September 2019.


Ayla De Paepe

Career program manager supporting PhD students