Important dates when scheduling

Here you can find important dates when scheduling.

Academic calendar

Semester start and end dates

Welcome ceremony for new students

Every new semester KI arranges a Welcome ceremony for new students in Aula Medica. For students starting the bachelor's programs in Swedish, the ceremony is on the first Friday of the semester. For students starting the global master's programs or global bachelor's program, the ceremony is on Friday before the semester starts. 

Dates for welcome ceremony
Semester National students Global master's and global bachelor's
Spring 2024 15 January
Autumn 2024 6 September 30 August
Spring 2025 24 January
Autumn 2025 5 September 29 August
Spring 2026 19 January
Autumn 2026 4 September 28 August
Spring 2027 22 January
Autumn 2027 3 September 27 August
Spring 2028 21 January

Teachers Day/Sports Day

There shall not be any scheduled education on the 5th Wednesday after the start of the semester. Then KI's teachers can gather for joint activities and the students can participate in sports activities that the student unions arrange.

Dates for Sports Day
Semester Teachers Day/Sports Day
Autumn 2024 2 October 2024
Spring 2025 14 February 2025

The Interprofessional Learning Day (IPL day)

IPL day is a compulsory interprofessional day for all the first-year students at KI. 

Dates for IPL-day
Semester IPL day
Spring 2024 5 March
Autumn 2024 22 October

Graduation ceremonies

Dates for graduation ceremonies
Semester Graduation bachelor Graduation master
Spring 2024 31 May 30 May
Autumn 2024 17 January 2025
Spring 2025 6 June 5 June
Autumn 2025 16 January 2026
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