Programme Directors

Each study programme has a programme director (PD) who is responsible for the ongoing work at the programme.

Lista över programdirektorer
Programme Programme Director
Study programme in Occupational Therapy Anna Brorsson
Study programme in Audiology Åsa Skjönsberg
Study programme in Midwifery Hanna Ulfsdottir
Study programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science Pernilla Lång
Study programme in Physiotherapy Anna Pettersson
Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine Rachel Fisher
Study programme in Speech and Language Pathology Sofia Strömbergsson
Study programme in Medicine Marie Dahlin
Master’s programme in Work and Health Jenny Selander
Master’s programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science Pernilla Lång
Master’s programme in Global Health Martin Gerdin Wärnberg
Master’s programme in Public Health in Disasters Anneli Eriksson
Master’s programme in Clinical Optometry Marika Wahlberg Ramsay
Master’s programme in Nutrition Science Magdalena Rosell
Master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship Madelen Lek
Master’s programme in Biomedicine Rachel Fisher
Master's programme in Biostatistics and Data Science Paul Dickman
Master’s programme in Public Health Science Jette Möller
Master’s programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management Niklas Zethraeus
Master’s programme in Health Informatics Nadia Davoody
Master’s programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science Rachel Fisher
Master’s programme in Toxicology Annika Hanberg
Master's Programme in Translational Physiology and Pharmacology Jessica Norrbom
Study programme in Optometry Marika Wahlberg Ramsay
Study programme in Psychology Åsa Eriksson
Study programme in Psychotherapy Hanna Sahlin
Study programme in Radiography Parvin Tavakol Olofsson
Study programme in Nursing Kristina Gottberg
Study programme in Specialist Nursing Lise-Lott Rydström
Study programme in Dental Hygiene Annsofi Johannsen
Study programme in Dentistry Nikolaos Christidis


The programme director (PD) has, upon delegation from the Head of Department or the Committee for Higher Education, a KI-overall responsibility for the ongoing work on the programme, including responsibility for quality and coordination of programme courses. The PD assignment also includes preparing decisions regarding the distribution of educational assignments for courses within programmes so that the educational assignments are distributed to the department that has the best conditions to perform the assignment with high quality and good connections to research.

Competence requirements

A PD must have a teaching position at KI and be active in both research and teaching.

In addition to holding a teaching position, the PD must meet requirements for a docent at KI with pedagogical competence corresponding to at least 10 weeks of course work and have experience from management within education at first cycle or second cycle (eg assignments as a course coordinator).

A PD for programmes leading to a professional degree must also have relevant professional competence.

If the person appointed as PD does not fulfil the competence requirements, the Head of Department is responsible for designing a plan for how this can be achieved within the next 12 months.

Decision on programme director

A PD for programmes where programme responsibility has been delegated to the department is appointed by the Head of Department. The PD for programmes where the Committee for Higher Education is responsible for the programme is appointed by the committee. One PD is appointed for first cycle and second cycle programmes within the same subject area and programme organisation.  First cycle programmes and second cycle programmes within the same main subject area and the same programme organization have one PD. In cases where first cycle programmes and second cycle programmes comprise more than 1 000 full time annual performance equivalents, one PD may be appointed for first cycle programmes and one for second cycle programmes.

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