Karolinska Institutet's logo

The Karolinska Institutet logo is our signature and stamp of quality. It must be used in all communication in which KI is the sender. Here you will find instructions on how to use the logo in accordance with our graphic rules.

Something to think about!

KI’s logo should also be used when your department, unit or centre is the sender. The Karolinska Institutet brand and logo represent the entire organisation.

The logo is comprised of the seal and text (word picture) and should be used as one unit.

How to use and position the logo

Karolinska Institutet’s logo is comprised of the seal and text (word picture). It is to be seen and used as one unit, in other words the two components must be used together.

The seal must not be separated from the text, except in certain circumstances, for example for communications for academic ceremonies. For any questions and more information, please contact the Communications and Public Relations Office.

Horizontal and vertical versions

The logo is available in two versions, horizontal and vertical. The first choice should always be the horizontal logo.

If there is limited space in the layout or if the logo must be positioned centrally, the vertical version is more appropriate.

Logo position

Here you can see some examples of how you should position the logo.


Use KI’s templates when producing a poster or presentation; the logo is already in the correct position and has the correct exclusion zone.

Exclusion zone

The height of the letter K in the example below illustrates the dimension of the exclusion zone. The exclusion zone is the empty space that must be left between the logo and other graphics, text or the edge of the surface.


The logo is available in several colour combinations appropriate for various background colours or contexts.


Suitable for white or light backgrounds.


Use in black and white printed material such as recruitment advertisements or in letter templates.


Works well with plum or dark backgrounds.

Silver and gold

In certain cases in academic ceremonies, the logo is used in gold and silver after approval from the Communications and Public Relations Office.

The logo is also available without colour and is then used for stamping on cardboard or engraving on metal.

Find all versions of KI's logo available for download.

Profile your unit with KI’s logo

The Karolinska Institutet brand and logo represent the entire organisation and all parts of operations. Units, departments and other operations at KI are not permitted to use their own logos.

Instead, profile your unit, department, centre or project together with KI’s logo. State the name of the department or equivalent in the typeface Mundo Sans associated with KI’s logo.

Profiling an external brand together with KI’s logo

Two or more brands may be marketed together with KI. It is important that the brands have a natural connection to each other.

There are three levels of cooperation:

  • Karolinska Institutet as the “driver” – KI is the tone-setter in the collaboration.
  • Karolinska Institutet as the “passenger” – the collaboration is driven by another party.
  • “Double command” – the collaboration is driven by two or more equal parties.

Karolinska Institutet as the driver

The design is produced based on Karolinska Institutet’s identity and graphic profile. The cooperation partner’s logo should be half the size of the KI logo and in most cases be linked to an explanatory text such as “In cooperation with”. The cooperation partner can also appear in the text. The logos are positioned on the opposite side of the unit’s section.

Example of the logos positioned on the opposite side of the unit’s section.

Karolinska Institutet as the passenger

The design is produced based on the cooperation partner’s identity and graphic rules. Karolinska Institutet only appears with name or name and logo. KI’s logo is used together with an explanatory text “In cooperation with” or equivalent.

Double command

In this instance a neutral design is used that is not based on either KI’s or the cooperation partner’s graphic profile. The logos are positioned side by side.


For questions regarding KI's brand and co-branding

Jennie Melosso

Head of unit
UF Central Administration

For questions regarding the graphic rules and the logo

Sofia Lindberg

Communications officer
UF Central Administration